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Anne Coltman
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The Author captures events of life and recalls changing times in poetry that touches the soul and awakes the senses. Her insight into the effects of nature springs to life as she expresses her enjoyment of the change in seasons in her poetry. This inspiring collection is an entertaining and heartwarming look at poetry at its best.

Capture Life while reading about -

The Difference
A Sad World
Misfortune  -  and many more

Recall Times while reading about -

Fragments of a Life
The Family
Rush Hour  -  and many more

Enjoy Nature while reading about -

The Expectation
Autumn's Play
Nature's Birds  -  and many more


These poems which are written in a charming expression of traditional poetry will remind you of special moments when you also captured life, recalled times and enjoyed nature in your own way. This 'must read' collection will be enjoyed by every generation. 
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Your poems, I found, are unfailingly interesting. They are tender and moving. They reveal elegiac acts of remembrances, filled with warm truths of sadness and endurance. They leave you having to reread them and enjoy again their plentiful and poignant pleasures. -  Reginald David Headley, UK.

I thoroughly enjoyed this very well put together book of poems. It is very relaxing to read especially last thing at night before I sleep. A very lovely book indeed -  Madeline McCarthy, Ireland.

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