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Anne Coltman
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Begin a journey that will take you through the pages of rich poetry as you recall fond memories in the pages of For the Love of Grandma a collection of verse that is a record of thoughts and experiences that not only preserves a long-lost tradition, but also reflects on the drastic change in the role of grandmothers today and grandchildren of this age. This most amusing and informative book is a must read for all ages.
Enjoy reading about: 

A New Generation
Myths or Truths
On Becoming a Grandmother
Grandmothers of Old
Our Grandmother Today
Grandma's Health Cures
Lessons from Grandma
Grandma's Breakfast Rules
A Weekend at Grandma's

                                                        ISBN 978-0-533-15972-7

These and many  other interesting poems about growing up with Grandma will touch the hearts of everyone and will be an interesting  read for first-time grandmothers.  It will dispel the many hang-ups about becoming a modern day grandmother and afford the opportunity of seeing one's self through the eyes of their grandchild. It will also afford children the opportunity of seeing themselves through the eyes of their grandparents.  The love, understanding, helpfulness and discipline that comes with this book will never fail to delight.
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This book took me back to my childhood days. I love reading it to my grandchildren -  Francois Coupet, USA

I enjoyed your book so much I had to get copies for my granddaughter and great granddaughter   -  Norma Boyer, UK

For the Love of Grandma is simply phenomenal! A true work of art that will be handed down for generations to come  -  Margaret Ali,  USA

A wonderful memory of well written poems that every Mother andGrandmother will enjoy  -  Myrna Lake,   USA

What a delightful book for children and grandmothers, I  loved the  poetry   - Jillian Woltjer, Netherlands                         


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