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Anne Coltman
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Read of life's unexpected surprises in a heartwarming story of enchanting entertainment as you enter the lives of an ordinary family and open the door to their extraordinary world.


The author takes readers through the life of a young girl from a middle-class family whose parents were very conservative. Her young life was overwhelmed with heartache since her secret love was from an upper-class family with very influential parents. Although their lives took different and unexpected paths they shared a common bond which attracted an evil enemy who threatened to destroy her family in this book  Scarred with Fortune.

Fiona Leighton and Steven Brimm are two teenagers who graduated high school together but their lives took different and unexpected paths. While he enjoyed the freedom of young adult life, she suffered a lot of heartache and embarrassment which had an enormous effect on  her as well as her family. This placed her in a compromised position and her life took on a new dimension. Even though they were worlds apart and shared a common bond, Fiona kept her secret furtively  locked up in her heart, fiercely guarding her privacy and that of her family.

Then, through a series of events, her life and the lives of a family she never knew began to intertwine and at the center of it all was a greedy, vicious and envious man who tried his best to destroy her family.

Just short of a murder mystery, this story evolves into a series of criminal activities and, as the crimes were solved, a satisfied, grateful and loving family emerged to face their unexpected future.

Hardcover    -    ISBN:  978-1-4653-8570-3
Softcover        -    ISBN:  978-1-4653-8569-7
E book         -    ISBN:  978-1-4653-8571-0

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What a delightful cast of characters, Anne's 'Scarred With Fortune' delivers a humorous and touching tale, drawing readers into a vividly rendered world of family-centered warmth  -  Norma McKenzie, Penticton, BC

A very interesting story that holds your attention. A story about true life situations. I was particularly blown away by the work of the private investigator. Every sad  part led to something great  -
Lloyd Boyer, UK

Scarred With Fortune - a real page turner. Each chapter was entertaining as well as  mystifying. This book touched my heart  - 
Eva Stembridge, Ireland

Your book 'Scarred With Fortune' was great and very entertaining. The story took some twists that I didn't expect, and it was a fast and fun read. I liked all the detail that went into the parts you wrote that involved the Private Investigator.  -  Hema, Florida, USA



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